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It is our mission to provide the Upper Cumberland with the Very Best in Banking Services offered by Bankers who have the power to really take care of their customers' needs. We will be flexible, open-minded to all ideas and requests, and open-hearted to all people whatever their circumstances or their needs.

We will choose Bankers to work with us who understand how significant they can be in the daily lives of people by doing their tasks with integrity and kindness. We will allow them to make decisions, and we will ask them to remember every day that customers are not all identical. We'll expect them to explore creative solutions in providing this truly extraordinary level of service. And, we will consider our people as our greatest asset... we will always treat them as such.

We will aggressively seek Customers and continually strive to amaze them with our service level. We understand that their choice of Community Bank is to be respected and work toward always being worthy of their trust. We will always be mindful that it takes customers from all levels of the social and economic strata to make a strong Community Bank and even in situations where customers cannot be served, we will be Compassionate.

We will provide a broad variety of Products and Services that are designed to help people improve their lives and achieve the success they expect. We will continue to be flexible as we grow so that we can easily adapt our products and services to the dynamic needs of our local market.

We will be involved on a daily basis in our Community and will strive to improve the Quality of Life through our individual efforts. We will always be aware that "Community" means that we are each in this together for the good of all.

We promise our Shareholders we will hold to the highest ethical standard in everything we do, to build a Bank through the years that they will continue to be proud of, and to work toward ever increasing growth, strength, and profitability so they may be rewarded for their faith in us.

We will be a real Community Bank.


Thank you for choosing the Community Bank of the Cumberlands.



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